Thankfulness for Lutheran Fellowship

Dear Friends,
For many years members of St. John’s and friends of St. John’s have carved out time each Thursday morning to minister to the residents of first, the Erie County Home in Alden and then when the home shut down to the residents of Terrace View in Buffalo.
  Through song, sharing of God’s Word, celebrations with residents in life’s moments many people have come to know the love of God and the love of Christian community.  The Lutheran Fellowship Group has truly fulfilled the call to serve and they have, in the power of the Holy Spirit, “Contributed to the needs of the saints and have shown hospitality.”
 I remember when I was younger my “Papa” Brandenburger once telling me: “All good things must come to end” and I suppose that is so true of so many things on this side of God’s kingdom.  Sadly, it is time for us to say “farewell” to the Lutheran Fellowship Ministry. After many years of ministry and love, the decision has been made to discontinue. Tough to swallow? You bet.
But “For everything there is a season” and this ministry has been rich in so many ways not just to the residents but to the volunteers.  The Lutheran Fellowship Group Has left it’s mark! The legacy of love, hospitality and fellowship will continue on as God goes to work in new, remarkable and touching ways. To all the people who have made this ministry what it was; “Well done good and faithful servants.” Thank you! A special worship celebration and decommissioning service will take place later this month for volunteers. Please keep them in your prayers.

Pastor Galen 



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